Learn to stimulate teachers’ proactivity

Learn to stimulate teachers’ proactivity

Your routine is hectic and you can no longer cope with all the obligations of the school? Maybe it’s time to get help from your team. Stimulating the proactivity of teachers and other collaborators is an excellent way to obtain better results in the teaching environment and share some tasks with other people.

As a consequence, you will realize that new ideas can arise to offer a differentiated and quality teaching to your students. Want to see some tips on how to stimulate proactivity? Just continue reading!

What is proactivity?

According to the dictionary, proactivity is “someone’s ability to make certain things happen or develop.

Following this logic, a proactive person is one who seeks to anticipate situations. He or she focuses on committing to results and looks for ways to solve problems without someone asking for his or her help.

Proactive people do not only offer benefits to them, but to everyone who is part of their daily life, whether in personal or professional life. This is because they have the ability to influence behaviors and promote improvements within their surroundings.

This kind of professional usually brings ideas to the work space and seeks new ways to achieve even better goals. In a school, for example, a proactive teacher may find a different way to attract students’ attention to certain content.

How to stimulate teachers’ proactivity?

First of all, it is necessary to understand that some people have more facility to take initiative. This is very much related to the personality of the individual.

In addition, for teachers to be proactive they need to be free to dialogue and make suggestions to the school. When the employee is very repressed, he ends up losing the will to take the initiative to do something different. So, check out some tips on how to stimulate proactivity at school:

Qualify the teachers

Of course, a professional in education already has a higher education course. However, if he stops studying he will be outdated about what is new in the market and will lose excellent opportunities to exchange experiences with other professionals.

For this reason, it is up to the school manager to encourage his teachers to seek professional updating. In some cases, you can invite some speakers to give orientation in their own work environment.

Another way to encourage professional training is to offer scholarships to teachers, with help to pay tuition fees.

Remember, contributing to teacher development will help you bring more results to your school, with the application of new teaching methodologies and pedagogical practices.

Encourage leadership skills

It is up to the school manager to stimulate leadership among the educators. What do you mean? If to each new idea that a professional brings to you the answer is no, how many times will this teacher try to make some change?

Then, the first step is to allow the exchange of information and to be open to listen to the suggestions of others. You can establish a weekly meeting to stimulate the participation of teachers and the exchange of experiences.

In addition, you can create opportunities for teachers to start demonstrating leadership skills. For example, to establish that once a week a professional will be responsible for presenting a different activity that can be applied with the students.

Recognize the good work

How many times have you congratulated a teacher on his excellent work? Positive words can have a transforming effect on the school environment.

By praising some initiative of a teacher, you will open space for other professionals to also want to stand out and bring news. Furthermore, the practice contributes to give even more confidence and motivation to the educator.

Therefore, try to recognize the successful work done by your teachers, the ideas that brought good results to the school and their involvement with the class. Motivated professionals usually contribute to the growth of the school and the learning of the students.

Promote team activities

Encourage teachers to develop group activities at school. For example, during a joint party, teachers from kindergarten 1 and 2 can come together to create a presentation for parents.

Reading meetings can also be held, where older students start telling stories to younger ones. In this way, teachers interact more and exchange information about their students.

Group activities do not need to be just in the classroom. Teachers can be invited to participate in group workshops to encourage good socializing at school.

Reduce the time dedicated to bureaucratic work

The lack of time makes it difficult for people to be creative and helpful, because they need to pay more attention to their obligations. Therefore, one way to stimulate proactivity is by reducing bureaucratic work at school.

Know how to give feedback

The manager of a school has the important function of knowing how to relate to the parents of students, teachers and children. For this reason, he can also better observe the attitudes of the educators and the pedagogical practices adopted in the classroom.

Therefore, it is important to give feedback to the teachers about their performance at school, the opinions of the parents and what can be improved.

Did you see how easy it is to stimulate proactivity in school? This way, you can improve even more the education offered to your students, with innovative practices.