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He Wenping

He Wenping recieved her B.A., M.A. in international relations and a Ph.D in Law at the Peking University. She was a visiting scholar at Yale University from 1993-1994, and she participated in a summer program at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London in 1997.  Dr. He is currently the director of the Africa program at the China Academy of Social Sciences (ACAAS) Institute of West Asian and African Studies. She also serves as the secretary of the China Middle East Society, and a member of the China Council for African Research. Dr. He has academic interests in a range of topics related to African development and politics, including African relationship with major intenratinoal states, African countires' foreign policy, human rights and democracy in Africa. She published A Research on the Process of African Countries' Democratization (2005) and many papers and articles on academic journals and conferences.


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