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Yang Guang

Dr. Yang is a researcher in economic development and energy issues in the Middle East. Yang studied at the Beijing Foreign Language University, Sciences-Po (Paris, France), and at the graduate school of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). He hold positions as a PhD advisor and chair of the China Middle East Society. He has been working in the Institute of West Asian and African Studies at CASS since 1978, and he currently serves as the director and the chair of the faculty at the CASS graduate school, as well as the director of the department of West Asian and African studies. He coauthoered  several books on introducing Middle East and African political economy, including Petroleum, Development, Challenges (石油,发展,挑战) and Guidance to Middle East Market (中东市场导向). He is also the editor of the CASS annual reports on Middle East and African Development and several other jorunals and programs.


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